Welcome to the Hospitality Club Volunteer Wiki!

We, volunteers of the Hospitality Club, are using this Wiki as a tool to work together (in addition to the Volunteer Forum, Skype/chat, email, and of course Real Life). All teams have their separate sections.

A wiki is a collaborative website which can be edited by anyone with access to it. It is perfect for maintaining documentation as it allows easy collaboration through the Web in a simple, consistent interface. This Wiki is divided into many sections (also called “namespaces”): some are accessible to all, and some are only for members of a certain team.

Teams and Projects (below)

Getting started

  1. Read our Tips and Tricks, and if you have Questions about how to use the Wiki that are not answered ask and read the answers.
  2. Get familiar with DokuWiki syntax
  3. Set up a Volunteer Profile for yourself here and talk a bit about what you do on HC
  4. Requests any changes you need (section for your team, rights for team members…)
  5. This Wiki is mostly for long-term documentation and cooperation on texts – for discussions use the Volunteer Forum
  6. Create links back and forth between this Wiki and the Volunteer Forum

Public pages

Pages open to all volunteers → need to register

Teams and Projects

Every team, please set up one public page with general info about your team and how to join, and then use the namespace for your internal info.

The Wiki doesn't know which teams you are in. If you get the “You don't have enough rights to continue” message, post a request for the appropriate access rights.
HC E-TravelGuide public
HC Local Volunteers public forum
HC Velo public
HC 3.0 Open Source private public
Academics private public
Address Updates private public forum
Airbnb Support private public
Ambassadors private public forum
Comments private public forum
Communications private public forum
Development/Programming private public forum, tasks from teams
Email Answering private public forum
Forum Moderators private public
Geography private public forum
Groups private public
Legal private public
Local Volunteer Support private public forum
Media private public forum
Meetings private public forum
Other Communities private public forum
Partnerships private public
Rights Administration private public
Server Administration private public forum
Signup private public forum
Spam Checking private public forum
Tracker private public
Translators private public forum
Tour (for new members) private public
Very Active Volunteers private public forum, to do
Volunteer Coordination private public
Volunteer Forum Administration private public
Volunteer Wiki Administration private public


Tilman, our Volunteer Coordinator and Wiki Admin, is happy to help: tilman@hospitalityclub.org :-)

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